Use a tongue cleaner every morning as soon as you wake, to scrape the layer of bacteria that has built up on the tongue overnight. This bacteria is what causes the dreaded *morning breath* and gross fuzzy feeling on your tongue. As the mouth is one of the first lines of defence for the immune system, having a healthy and balanced oral microbiome is an important part of keeping you fighting fit and healthy. A tongue cleaner, is an ancient detox tool, used in Ayurveda for thousands of years. This tongue cleaner is thicker, sturdier (and prettier) than anything else on the market. The premium copper makes for smooth round edges, and a tool that will last a lifetime. Copper is anti-microbial so bacteria is naturally killed on its surface. Packaging made from eco-friendly paper. No plastic here! How to use: When? First thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything. Once per day. How? Scrape down middle and sides of tongue. Rinse with water after use. Material Copper Care Rub with salt and vinegar when it starts to naturally oxides if you want to keep it shiny. Design Cosmic Dealer
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