Emilia Ilke

Den svenska konstnären Emilia Ilke har skapat kollektionen Sea Sea Sea för Fine Little Day våren 22 - en kollektion som hyllar havet och dess gömda skatter.

Artist Maria Hanseblad is a productive and brilliant painter with a lush sense of color. She’s an intuitive painter and doesn’t work after a concept, still her work has clear threads – motherhood, love, society and being human.  We are so happy to present some of Maria Hanseblad’s work. As an International artist, she is known for her naive, colorful and measurable art. Her paintings are now in homes around the US, Holland, Norway and Sweden. One of her paintings has been published in the glorious Architectural Digest. She is up and coming, and we are the only one that can offer you some of her paintings as posters. Remember where you saw it first.

Check out her latest work at Instagram @hanseblad www.arthanseblad.com 

"Snäckan, en symbol för resande. De är inte bara vackra för ögat, de är bärare av minnen och ett öra bort från ljudet av stranden, havet. För Emilia Ilke tar de henne tillbaks till somrarna spenderade utanför Oskarshamn som barn hos farfar Ilke."

How did your interest in art develop, and when did you start painting?
I started painting when I was young. As for self-medication. I needed to get my head around the things in life that I couldn't find words for. When the pandemic came I had so much more time to paint.
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Produkter från Emilia Ilke