FLD Art Award

The Fine Little Day Art Award is an independent award for contemporary art, open to all kinds of visual, creative artists. Genre, background and career experience is irrelevant, only the work is taken into consideration. The award is granted without application. Every year the Fine Little Day jury will pick and award 2500 EUR to an artist from around the world. The award’s aim is to highlight and encourage the chosen artist.

Since Fine Little Day’s establishment in 2007, its platform has passionately spread the word about artists and their work across the globe to showcase their work through social media, products, publications and exhibitions.

FLD ART Award 2024

FLD Art Award 2024 is awarded to the carpenter, furniture designer and artist Carl Martinsson.

FLD ART Award 2023

We award the 2023 prize to artist Anna Danielsson for her unique, innovative and artful accessories.

FLD ART Award 2022

The FLD Art Award 2022 is awarded to the Gothenburg-based art embroiderist, weaver and textile artist Emma Holmgren.

FLD ART Award 2021

In October 2021 we announced textile designer Johanna Grigarová as the first receiver of the award.