What are some of the early experiences or memories you can recall from childhood that influenced you as an artist?
Some early memories are, for example, my grandmother's wardrobe. She sewed all her and mother's clothes when my mother was a child. Grandma was a collector of rank and had everything well sorted in boxes. It was a festive moment to go through these boxes together. This is something I inherited, a "wardrobe" in my studio filled with neatly organized treasures.

Another memory is my grandfather reading the newspaper, spread out on a plastic sheet, wearing a face mask and cotton gloves. He said he was sensitive to the ink.

Everything we wear is in a way a form of protection. Against cold, wind and heat. But also towards so much more. Viruses, a stream of constant impressions, mean glances and dull comments. After all, all life experience is saved in our memory, more or less easy to reach. And this archive of images, experiences and feelings that we carry with us is a theme I dwell on a lot in my creative work, both figuratively and symbolically, when I work with objects related to the body.
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“We want to power dress and boss off with Anna Danielsson’s punk- and folkart flirting, elegant pieces. We also want to give her the Fine Little Day Art Award for 2023.”

The jury: Elisabeth Dunker, founder and Creative Director.
Ulrika E. Engberg, founder and CEO.

Photos by Elisabeth Dunker