Holiday Series - #1 Baking as therapy

A guaranteed way for our creative director Elisabeth to get into the holiday mood is through her traditional baking of gingerbread cookies. For years she has inspired us with her artistic, fun cut shapesSure there have been some burnt edges and cracked parts, but still, we love this tradition! Get inspired and explore the shapes at #fld_gingerbread and read her words about baking below.

Baking as therapy 
The best way to improve shitty mood? I love go into baking zone, it gets me engaged, present and “focused relaxed”. A couple of afternoons with cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger scents, tend to slow down my heart rate. And not just because I’ll end up with a homemade batch of gingerbread cookies, the physical activity and the sensations you get when baking is kind of grounding. Just like people (me too) often find that creating art can help to express emotions, develop personal insights and look at challenges from a new perspective – I find that baking can be a form of (art) therapy.

Baka Spis 
This year’s gingerbread cookies is a flirt with a collaboration project we did 2017 together with Hemslöjden in Skåne “Väva spis”. Which gave us an opportunity to deep dive into their fantastic century-old archives and collections of handicraft objects.

Creative Baking

Check out Elisabeth's picks from the store for a stylish baking session.