Emilia Ilke

The Swedish artist Emilia Ilke has created the collection Sea Sea Sea for Fine Little Day – A collection celebrating the sea and all its treasures.

By fusing the concept of fast food with quality ingredients from the sea, Hasselsson has injected new blood into the food scene in Gothenburg. Nowadays also in Stockholm, and with food trucks that move along the west coast fishing villages in Sweden. Simple, generous and with a lot of confidence, they have become a hub for hungry diners.

Together we have made a collection inspired by the meal and a life of ease.

Check out their mouth-watering dishes on Instagram @hasselssons

"The shell, a symbol of travel. Not only beautiful to the eye, they are bearers of memories and an ear away from the sound of the beach, the sea. For Emilia, they take her back to the summers spent outside Oskarshamn as a child with grandfather Ilke."

Can you tell us a bit about your background and education in art? How did you develop such a strong visual identity?
It still surprises me today, that I would become an artist. I was never one of those girls who was good at drawing, and I couldn't sit still. However, we drew a lot at home, built different worlds and my dad made different inventions. Nothing was particularly good looking but it was free and fun. I was always interested in objects, collected small ceramic objects early on, and there was a lot of art at home, but becoming an artist was out of the question. I wanted to save the world's women by becoming a midwife, but when I went to Nyckelviksskolan in Öland for a year and, my teacher asked me, why should you be that? It's so stressful, become an artist! After Nyckelviksskolan, I finally entered Konstfack and after a year I understood that I could combine my political life with art. Then things cleared for me and I began to shape my artistry.
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