Kakan Hermansson

We couldn’t be more proud to announce our collaboration and opening of exhibition at FLD Gallery, March 23, with ceramic artist Karin Kakan Hermansson. In addition to the exhibition we will also launch a small limited edition interior collection.

Solidarity and anti-racism is significant for multidisciplinary artist Karin Kakan Hermansson’s distinctive, lovable personality. Her works are often commentaries on topics such as feminism, sexuality, identity and politics. Her interests also include the associations between craft, social identity and taste as a signal of social status. “Everyone has a relationship with craftsmanship.” Hermansson was born in Lund in 1981 and has lived in Stockholm for 20 years. She is educated at Konstfack (University of Arts, Crafts and Design), Ceramics and Glass 2006-2012, where she has been teaching as an assistant professor for 9 years.

Hermansson describes the exhibition as an excursion, an excavation, which carries historical references, idols and the artist herself. 

The Exhibition Very Traditional will show at Fine Little Day Gallery 23/3 – 28/4, 2024.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and education in art? How did you develop such a strong visual identity?
It still surprises me today, that I would become an artist. I was never one of those girls who was good at drawing, and I couldn't sit still. However, we drew a lot at home, built different worlds and my dad made different inventions. Nothing was particularly good looking but it was free and fun. I was always interested in objects, collected small ceramic objects early on, and there was a lot of art at home, but becoming an artist was out of the question. I wanted to save the world's women by becoming a midwife, but when I went to Nyckelviksskolan in Öland for a year and, my teacher asked me, why should you be that? It's so stressful, become an artist! After Nyckelviksskolan, I finally entered Konstfack and after a year I understood that I could combine my political life with art. Then things cleared for me and I began to shape my artistry.
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