Moira Frith

Moira Frith is a British artist who also works in ecology and conservation. The botanical flora is often present in her visual world.

Like many people Moira painted in her childhood, but stopped when she left school.
She found inspiration and started to paint and draw again years later, while she was on maternity leave. Now she paints animals, birds and plants in an abstract, but at the same time figurative, way. She works intuitively when she lets the washy colours bleed into one another on the paper.

We have fallen for Moira’s playful watercolor illustrations and was curious to know more about her. Scroll down to read an interview with Moira.

How did your interest in art develop, when did you start painting?
Like many people I began painting in childhood, but also like many people this stopped when I left school. It took until my early 30s to really start painting and drawing again. That happened when I was on maternity leave with my daughter. I can’t say exactly why, but perhaps because time took on a different quality, or because life/routine was disrupted in some way. I don’t think an interest in art ever really left me, but the compulsion to make work myself took a hiatus till this point. Once I started however, I was hooked, and it’s now a really important part of my life and identity.
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