Unni Toivola

The Swedish artist Emilia Ilke has created the collection Sea Sea Sea for Fine Little Day – A collection celebrating the sea and all its treasures. Ilke was born in Uppsala in 1984 and raised by Swedish-Polish parents. The family’s eye-catching surname she got from her grandfather who fabricated it to stand out from the crowd. She is educated at Gerlesborgsskolan and works and resides from Stockholm as an artist. We praise Ilke’s artistic language and her productivity that is greater than most. Emilia Ilke is just as she describes her pattern VÅG (Wave) – a force beyond the ordinary.

The collection Sea Sea Sea is about the eye-catching finds under water. A dream of being that little fish swirling the waves, hiding among shells and escaping slimy jellyfishes. And as for a moment take a swipe across the surface of the water to enjoy the beautiful sight of sunbathing people under red-striped umbrellas and then disappear in the big blue again.

The collection consists of several patterns on textile; cushion covers, fabric by the meters, tablecloths, curtain, wool blanket, muslin blankets, trays, posters, a mobile and will launch in three parts from January to March 2022.

Your working method, do you work with sketches or just intuitively?
It’s mostly sketches actually. I usually sketch small pieces at a time, much like the drawing game Exquisite corpse. I draw, fold the paper, draw again, fold it away, sketch a new piece and so on. So I don’t see the whole picture until later when I unfold it. And then it might be good, or not good at all. It feels boring to over think things. I often repeat the same motif several times just to feel the difference in the result, between the woven and the painted, even though it is the same motif.
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