Ina Marie Winther Åshaug

What does your work process look like in general?
I usually work with pencil and acrylic in small formats on paper, mdf and found materials. The motifs are usually existing rooms/environment/everyday objects, and I have a naivistic expression. Although the works often are figurative, abstract elements are present and the material and surface itselves are in focus, which can then lead on to works that consist of more intuitive actions.

I have a spontaneous and fast way of working, where in my corner of the living room, in between all the daily chores. The best thing is when I can easily switch between life and art, but I have to be aware that life does not suddenly take too much time. If it does it is important to reconcile with art as if it is a dear friend.

Therefore I have also come to the conclusion that having a studio does not work so well for me. It makes me think of time just running, I feel locked and end up going there mostly to water the flowers and ease my conscience because I pay rent.
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