Karin Cyrén

Artist Karin Cyrén has made two poster collections for Fine Little Day. Cyrén is an artist, illustrator and author of children’s literature, based in Stockholm Sweden. We admire Cyrén for her bold narrative picture language and expressive color palette. Her art makes us happy, simple as that.

We are glad to share her latest four posters. Give your home some color!

See more of Karin’s work here.

Hi Karin, how are you and how’s it going?
Hej! I am ok! I have lots of work to get done and two small kids at home to distract me from most of the present day chaos. But I am tired and anxious of course. I wish I had a fast forward button.
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Photos from Karin’s exhibition in our studio in Lindome, 2016 + exhibition poster in Gothenburg.