Sofia Lind

Sofia Lind is a designer and artist from Gothenburg, Sweden. After studying Design BA at HDK, the Academy of Design and Crafts, she moved to Stockholm, where she’s now based. She took her master in visual communication at Konstfack, graduating in 2018. Lind has been working as an artist/painter doing several exhibitions, both group and solo shows. This year (2021) she will participate in the Liljevalchs Spring Exhibition amongst others.

In her work Sofia Lind plays with muted colors and lively patterns in a way that’s fresh and highly expressive, to create delightful pieces of art that catches the attention of the viewers. In her work she often depicts how women interact with parts of life, such as language or nature, and makes birds and flowers come alive as charming characters. Lind only works on her art digitally at the very end of her creative process, to ensure that the media she likes to use in her paintings keep their vivid character. When Sofia Lind contacted Fine Little Day for a collaboration a few years ago we were instantly enchanted by her work. It felt new, original and made us curious. The rest is history.

Elisabeth asked Sofia a few questions about her work and how she navigates her creative process. Scroll down to read the interview!

How does your creative process look? Has it changed over the years?
My process is really methodical. I force myself to sketch every day, and later I go back and ask myself what have I done, and why. But I try not to be too hard on myself during the sketch work, try to not be afraid of doing anything that will end up in the trash.
My process has been like this for a while, and to help me from procrastination I make sure I never wait for the inspiration to come. (ok sometimes I do that too.)
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Photo: Oscar Laufersweiler