Wild berries, authentic materials, recreation and ultra-exclusive gastronomic adventures. That’s what we were served when joining Shalony Van Stralendorff @Vandorff and Emelie Ivarsson from the lifestyle company Bonni Bonne. Fine Little Day had the opportunity to join these inspiring ladies for a two days excursion and mushroom hunt in their home town, Sundsvall in the northern part of Sweden.

The artists/artisans Bonni Bonne are serious about taking care of nature and wildlife using local and reclaimed materials, native plants and greenery to achieve luxury without sacrificing ecology. Get a glimpse of innovative minds with a genuine sense of human friendly and environmentally forward-thinking.

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We had the luxury to experience some of Shalony’s amazing gourmet dishes made from scratch with such care. For lunch we were served a mushroom soup with chanterelle, black trumpet and funnel chanterell. This was topped with sour cream, fresh red clover, fried chanterelle pickled in nettle, milk thistle and ramson oil.

Mushroom designed by Elisabeth Dunker is the latest addition to our pattern world. The collection consists of linen fabric, a cushion cover, tea towel, tablecloth, place mat, table runner, waist apron, tote bag and trays.