Brian McHenry

Brian McHenry is an artist from Ireland who is not classically trained, but who works with the greatest respect for art. He draws his way, processes emotions and life-determining events with the pen as a tool. A person and an artistry that touched us deeply.

We are drawn to art and artistry that vibrate and make us curious to know more. With Brian’s art, it was just like that. When we called Brian and had our first conversation about a collaboration, we were blown away by his humble personality and the way he formulated his gratitude towards art. It was a reminder of how important art and artistry are. It helps us to reflect and process our reality, it develops societies and us humans.

Scroll down to read a conversation with Brian and discover his posters for Fine Little Day.

What are some of the early influences you remember from childhood or your surroundings that influenced you as an artist?
The earliest would be with my mother and her patience in sitting with me, drawing alongside as I drew. She was very gifted at art but had to leave school at 14 so never really got a chance to persue her talent. I was always fascinated by watching her drawing and that wonder of watching someone draw and discovering that I could do it myself has never left me. I saw it as complete magic, I still do! In a world that is so fleeting and so full of loss, the act of creating something that didn’t exist before is an extraordinary thing.
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