Yoshiko Hada

We are happy to present a new artist for Fine Little Day, Yoshiko Hada. Her paintings and illustrations build a friendly, distinct visual language, often amplified with words. For Fine Little Day she’s created three works – Have a good dream, C'est bon and Vegetable poster. 

Yoshiko Hada is a Japanese illustrator based in Tokyo. She majored in graphic design and started studying illustration by herself. The fascination for unexpected effects on paper inspire her, joy and surprises is an important part of her creative process. Colors, dynamic forms and playful themes characterizes Yoshiko’s style.

How did your interest in art develop, and when did you start painting?
Ever since I was a child, I loved looking at arts, but I didn’t actively draw. However, when I traveled to Spain in my late twenties, I was deeply impressed and shocked to see Joan Miró’s giant paintings. I think this experience planted the seeds for drawing in me. Since then, I have always drawn according to my feeling of comfort.
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