Daniel Götesson, more widely known as EKTA, is a Swedish visual artist currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden. EKTA is a well-established artist whose work has appeared on murals and exhibitions in several parts of Europe, as well as in publications around the world. EKTA is known for working across numerous mediums and techniques in order to create dynamic pieces of art. As a result, his repertoire holds drawings, collages, paintings, sculptures, textiles, large murals, animated sequences, performances, installations and music – anything you can think of. Soon he will also have a sculpture playground in Gothenburg on is resume.

EKTA’s work is liberating raw and playful, totally intuitive, unrefined yet balanced. With only a few outlined figures or colored silhouettes, he creates intriguing visuals. It’s no secret that EKTA is driven by a willingness to take bold risks. When discussing his work, he emphasizes the importance of failure as a way of moving forward and find a way around mind barriers that can occur when working. “Self sabotage” as a method. He is happy to invite the viewer into the process and often lets others decide when a work is finished. His art is energizing, just as he is. After a meeting with EKTA, everything feels possible.

Find EKTA on Instagram at @ektaektaekta